Common, Popular and Traditional Baby Names

Adrian: (m) (Latin) "man from Hadria," a town in northern Italy

Alannah: (f) (Celtic) "little rock," a feminine form of Alan.

Allison: (f) (Germanic) "of a noble kind," an old diminutive form of Alice and Adelaide.

Angus: (m) (Gaelic) "one choice"

Anna: (f) (Hebrew) "He has favored me"

Ashton: (f) (Old English) "from the ash tree settlement"

Aurelia: (f) (Latin) "golden"

Autumn: (f) (English-Etruscan) "the Fall season"

Basil: (m) (Greek) "royal, kingly"

Beau (m) (English-French) "handsome, a sweetheart"

Bradan: (m) (Irish) "salmon"

Bradey: (m) (Irish Gaelic) meaning unknown

Breanna: (f) (Celtic) "high, noble," a feminine form of Brian.

Bryce: (m) (Welsh) "speckled," name of a 5th C British saint

Bryson (m) (Anglo-Irish) "ocean taboo" or (English) "son of Brice"

Carlee: (f) (English-Germanic) "free man," a feminine form of Charles.

Catherine: (f) (pre-Greek) original meaning unknown; long regarded as meaning "pure"

Charissa: (f) (Greek) "grace." The name is pronounced as both ka-RISS-a and sha-RISS-a.

Charles: (m) (Old English) "a person, a free man"

Chloe: (f) (Greek) "green, vegetation"

Crystal: (English-Greek) "clear, colorless quartz, or any mineral showing facets"

Dallas: (m & f) (Old English) "from the house in the valley.

Daniel: (m) (Hebrew) "God is my judge"

David: (m) (Hebrew) "beloved"

Edna: (f) (Hebrew) "rejuvenation, rebirth, delight"

Elaine: (f) (Greek) "bright, sunbeam" or (Welsh) "fawn"

Elijah: (m) (Hebrew) "Jehovah is God"

Elizabeth: (f) (Hebrew) "God is my oath"

Erica: (f) (Old Norse) "ever ruler"

Erin: (f) (Irish Gaelic) "Ireland"

Evangeline (f) (English-Greek) "bringer of good news"

Faith (f) (English) "belief"

Frederick: (m) (Germanic) "peaceful ruler"

Gage: (m) (Old French) "pledge"

Gavin (m) (Welsh) "little hawk," name from Arthurian legend

Gordon: (m) Scottish clan name meaning "from the roomy fort"

Hayley: (f) (Old English) "from the hay meadow"

Holly: (f) (English-Germanic) "evergreen plant with sharp-pointed, shiny leaves and bright red berries"

Jacob: (m) (Hebrew) "one who seizes the heel of another; a supplanter"

Javon: (m) (Hebrew) "from Greece," modern form of the Biblical name Javan

Jayce (m & f) (English-Greek) "healer," a form of Jason

Jordan: (m) (Hebrew) "flowing down, descending," a Biblical river name, also used for girls.

Joshua: (m) (Hebrew) "God is salvation"

Justus: (m) (Latin) "just, fair"

Lane: (m) (Old English) "dweller by the lane"

Lillian: (f) medieval diminutive of Elizabeth (Hebrew) "oath of God," and (Modern English) "lily"

Logan: (m) (Scots Gaelic) "from the little hollow"

Madison: (f) (Middle English) "descendent of Magdalen"

Malcolm: (m) (Scots Gaelic) "servant of St. Columba"

Maria: (f) (Hebrew) of uncertain origin; commonly interpreted as "bitter"

Marissa: (f) (Latin) "star of the sea," from the phrase stella maris

Matthew: (m) (Hebrew) "gift of God"

McKenzie: (f) (Anglo-Scots Gaelic) "son of the handsome one"

Mildred: (f) (Old English) "gentle strength"

Morgan: (f & m) (Celtic) "sea bright"

Noah (m) (Hebrew) "rest"

Oliver: (m) (Germanic) "his ancestor's heir"

Quinn: (f & m) (Irish Gaelic) "fair of form"

Pagan (f) (Middle English) "rustic"

Rachael: (f) (Hebrew) "ewe"

Rae (f) (English) diminutive of Rachel and other Ray- names, now used as an independent name

Rhiannon: (f) (Welsh) "great queen"

Robert: (m) (Germanic) "fame bright"

Samantha: (f) (English) probably a feminine form of the Hebrew name Samuel, "He (God) has heard"

Sarah: (f) (Hebrew) "princess"

Shelby: (f & m) (Old Norse) "from the willow farm" or (Middle English) "from the farm hut"

Sierra (f) (Spanish) "mountain range"

Sterling: (m) (Modern English) "high quality, excellent," from (Middle English) "little star," a symbol appearing on English silver coins

Stephen: (m) (Greek) "crown, garland"

Theodore: (m) (Greek) "God's gift"

Todd: (m) (English) "fox"

Tristan: (m) (Welsh-French-Latin) "sad"

Van: (m) (Dutch) "of"

Whitney: (f) (Old English) "from the white island"

Zachary: (m) (Hebrew) "God has remembered"

Zeke: (m) English diminutive of Ezekiel (Hebrew) "God strengthens"

Zoƫ: (f) (Greek) "life"